Artis Tree Work order Instructions

We’re pleased that ArtisTree Landscape Maintenance & Design offers our homeowners the opportunity to submit work order requests online to eliminate paperwork and lengthy phone calls. 

Simply follow the steps below:  • Visit ArtisTree’s website at  

• Go to CONTACT US from the navigation bar and select WORK ORDERS.  

• Click “Enter Work Order Request” and you will be directed to the Work Order System.  

• Select your Community ID from the drop-down menu only.  VENETIAN FALLS is VEFL-020  Any submissions other than VEFL-020 will not be received.    

• Enter your complete information and choose a selection from each drop-down menu.  

• Enter a description of your request and hit “Submit”.    

Your ArtisTree account executive will receive your request, and you will receive a confirmation email and Request ID at the email address you entered.  It’s easy and efficient!